Old Soul Music

Old Soul Music is a haven for artists, where their creative freedom and vision are fundamental to their success. Empowering independent releases with authenticity, we are focused on finding every advantage that independent artists have in the modern era of the music marketplace. With partnerships with industry-leading professionals in distribution, sync licensing, playlist pitching and more, we are here to share artists’ creativity with as many people as possible and help to realize artists’ potential and expand their reach worldwide. Transparency and creative freedom are our foundation, fostering and helping to create a vibrant community of working musicians. In a world where independent artists have more opportunities than ever before, we help musicians expand their audience, get paid for their work, and create advantages. We help independent artists release their music more effectively than ever before and help artists focus on what is most important- their art.

“When you begin to see the possibilities of music,
you desire to do something really good for people.”

– John Coltrane